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What is a Peel?

Paint squeezed between two surfaces then peeled apart to reveal all these intricate veiny lines, make a Peel Painting.

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  • Paint without having skills to draw

  • No time? Get paintings done fast

  • Build painting inventory fast with paintings multiplying

  • Prevent Artist's Block with easy exercises

  • Learn how to start abstract art easy

  • Paint from imagination

  • Paint now even if you have shaky hands

  • Cover mistakes in old paintings

  • Decorate your home for cheap in a unique way

If you are interested in a course to learn all about this painting style, then sign up to download the free guide, series of exercises, and be notified when Peel Painting 2 and 3 come out.

Peel Painting 1 - Setup Basics
Peel Painting 2 - Tools & Pressing Surfaces
Peel Painting 3 - Techniques

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