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Paint 3D Poppies Guide


by Ruth Collis

Paint Super Simple 3D Poppies


1. Get the thickest gel medium possible
2. Add your desired poppy color to the thick gel
3. Put your paint mixture in a pastry bag
4. use cake decorating tips to make the 3D shapes
5. Dry on a non-stick surface to peel off easy
6. Paint a fun background
7. Peel & Place your poppies on the painting
8. Glue with archival glue made for paintings to last
9. Varnish
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Paint Super Simple 3D Poppies for Beginners
Learn :
  • Where to get bulk amounts of thick gel for cheaper than in stores
  • What cake tips make this simple poppy flower
  • How to get the most air bubbles out of your paint bag
  • A good non-stick surface to use
  • A good setup for easy & fast work flow
  • How to get an artistic background easily
  • How the "Peel & Place" method works
  • What archival glue to use
  • How to varnish a 3D painting with the least brush lines, no filmy air bubbles, & other hazards to avoid
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