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Photos of Ruth Collis

Commentary by Ruth Collis


​"I've had long braids since before the year 2000. It is hard to maintain, but seems to be me and something I can identify with more & more now. It first was the way to get my hair long. Back when I first got out into life, I visited a friend a year later from seeing her before, & poof, she had grown this instant long mermaid hair. I struggled for years to get mine to grow. It just didn't work like that. She mentioned for us to get braids, but then she moved away & I don't know if she got them, but I did.

My life kind of changed. People's faces lit up when I entered a room. Also, answering people's questions only made them have many more questions, as with all other areas of my life than just hair. I also acquired doing this hairstyle myself and without looking in a mirror. It initially took 40 hours to braid extended hair in, then a few braids a day in re-growth. I spend that time braiding while being contemplative, reading email, articles, or Facebook groups I'm involved in. I now love how braids keep micro hair strands from flying out of control, is clean without a lot of effort, is cooler around my head during the summer, & I don't have bad hair days with braids really."

"Leave it to me to find the 'artistic' in everything around. The Oympus point-&-shoot to left has this one really cool black & white contrasted feature that turned into a giant painting later. After developing a love for long hair in my earlier figure paintings as well, I found this wall of vines off the 30 freeway East of the 215 in California where it looked like strands of human hair were shaped. I called it the 'Vine Hair Wall.' Then I found this rather plain swimsuit, but with a cool artistic wave pattern that looked painterly."

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"Pretty soon, I visit Panera Bread & discover even a potato chip forms an artistic rose..."


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