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3D Acrylic Painting Techniques Blog

5 Ways to Stop Artist's Block

January 19, 2017

Learn 5 ways to stop artist's block: switch mediums, be in art groups, flood your mind with inspiration, know your tools & supplies, & organize...

Why I Will Never Again Buy Canvas Boards or Panels!

December 31, 2016

Learn a main reason to avoid buying a lot of canvas boards and canvas panels... hidden expenses.

8 Easy Ways to Have Confidence in your Artwork

November 24, 2016

Learn 8 easy ways to have confidence in your artwork, a few of which you probably haven't heard of yet...

What is the Difference between Impasto & a Glaze?

September 17, 2016

Learn the difference between what impasto painting and glazes are, with an example...

What is Super Heavy Gel Medium?

September 14, 2016

Learn about the thickest super heavy gel medium for sculptural painting, gel medium uses, gel medium techniques, & difference between matte & gloss.

What is Gel Medium?

September 14, 2016

Learn what Gel Medium is and how it can thicken paint, be used to transfer a photo or print to canvas, and other uses.

What to Do with Acrylic Paintskins

September 08, 2016

See how to paint half a butterfly by folding paint between paper, peeling apart to reveal a whole butterfly with neat texture lines, & dry to form a neat paintskin. More info on transfering to canvas...

August 31, 2016

Need to find how big a paint bottle is in your part of the world compared to another to know how big or small the jar is according to another country's terms of measurement? How big or small is that paint jar?


Here's a handy chart to bookmark in your browser for your next paint order that will convert a measurement of paint from one country to another....

August 29, 2016

The thick painter' palette is flat and has no thumb holes so you can mix a huge volume of paint. The palette is not meant to be held since it's heavy which means no wrist strain. Why you add gel for volume is to get paint thick where you can paint all kinds of impasto texture and sculptural fun using many different fun tools for interesting effects...

How to Set up a Poured Painting System

August 22, 2016

Is your Pouring Medium setup a mess? See a few tricks to make your pouring system easier...

Prevent Artist's Block by Roller Skating

August 21, 2016

One way to avoid Artist's Block is to have other hobbies to keep your mind fresh and do new things that don't become stale. See this video below...

What to do with Your Palette of Unused Paint?

July 15, 2016

Many artists are using paper plates, styrofoam, and pizza boxes for a palette, then throwing the plate plus the dried paint away. What can you do with these skins of paint?

Hidden Spy Cam

April 21, 2016

Got your spy cam? Find various uses for a hidden camera with your paintings and shows...

Turpenoid Uses in Thick Painting

April 27, 2016

Learn different uses for Turpenoid, including cleaning brushes, removing adhesive, marker, and spray paint off hands...

How to Make Paint Thicker

April 16, 2016

Question and answer on how to get paint thick, if you can paint acrylic over oil, acrylic paint drying times, easy things to paint with acrylics, and others...

Russian Tulip Nozzles Make 3D Paintings!

April 09, 2016

Russian tulip nozzles can be used with PAINT, for a permanenet fine art form. Their brilliant design creates the WHOLE FLOWER all at once, and not each petal one at a time, thus saving huge time. But frosting is not the only way to use them...

March 25, 2016

Here are art terms and their meanings in the categories of mediums, color, supplies, techniques, styles, and the differences between common terms.

What Camera to Get for Your Artwork

March 12, 2015

Learn what camera to get for photographing your artwork, what to look for and avoid, and how to learn from other's buying experiences....

Acrylic Mediums Explained

December 24, 2014

Bookmark this list of acrylic mediums explained and where to get them, from textured pastes and smooth gels to pourable mediums and varnishes...

Stop Artist's Block: Make Painting Enjoyable

July 10, 2014

Is your painting environment enjoyable to work in? Does it support the flow of your creativity? How productive are you with your setup?

Varnish Acrylic Painting: Get Rid of Dust & Lint

June 04, 2014

6 ways to get rid of dust and lint in your varnish of acrylic paintings.

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