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The Cube Studio Setup eBook

($40 value)

The Self-Contained System


Learn in greater detail how the “placement” of things in studio organization can help you get into the flow of faster efficiency and productiveness.

  • Spend next to no time organizing

  • Set up your space to get work done

  • Never lose stuff

  • Produce work by easy placement

  • Paint holders that make your life easier

  • Store & view for easy access

  • Set it up & have it stay that way

  • Follow the principles & get it to work for you

47 pages

2.02 MB PDF file

Phone & non-desktop users:

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Android / itunes



  • Get more paint out of empty bottles

  • Learn if tubes or bottles better

  • Exercises to get you started

  • All my storing and organizing systems revealed!

Table of Contents
The Organizing Cube Setup
     The Shelf Cube
     The Double-Wide Cube
Paint Bottles
     The TP Roll Paint Holder
     The Egg Carton Paint Holder
     The Spice Rack Paint Holder
     Pouring Medium Setup
     Palette Knife Pull-out Tray
     Organizing Palettes
     Cake Supplies Setup
     Paint Water Saver
     Plastic Bag Storage
     Napkin Bucket
     Paint Scrap Junkyard
     Pouring Medium Setup
Brushes & Palette Knives
     Palette Knife Pull-out Tray
     Reduce Time Cleaning Paintbrushes
     Brush Holding Tray
Painting Area
     Water Dish Area


Below the Painting Table
     Paint Scrap Junkyard
     Bulk Paint Storage
     Pull-out Drawers
     Leveling Tables
     Lazy Susans
To the Far Left
     A/C Unit
     The Gel Shelf
     Storing Dried Paint Shapes
     Storing Dried Paintskins
To the Far Right
     Canvas Storage
     Computer Desk
     Medium Painting Storage
Rolling Racks
     Giant Canvases Storage
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