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Artist's Statement of Ruth Collis

"My 3-dimensional style makes paintings come alive with texture as I seem to keep discovering endless forms of thick acrylic paint! I'm inspired by what mediums and supplies can be manufactured, how a tool makes a certain effect, and the breathtaking scenery of the California Central Coast.


I feel great fulfillment in creating exciting things that can be imagined, as well as using textures to mimic our world around us. Corals and flowers seem to come to life with this thicker paint style, especially when using cake decorating tips. Most everything I do is made with only thick acrylic paint, unless noted, to show the wonders and possibility this medium has to offer.


Techniques range from peeling thick dried paintskins that make cool pipe coral shapes, using a fork for texture lines in wet paint, pastry tools and thick paint to form outrageous cool permanent shapes, speed drying techniques, and using a Separate Drying Layer I developed to form neat dried paint shapes that are then archivally adhered back into the painting for some really awesome sculpted effects!"


Ruth Collis


  • 3-Dimension

  • Coral

  • Floral


  • Painstkins

  • Cake Decorating Tips

  • Fork Lines

  • Speed Drying

  • Separate Drying Layer


  • Supplies

  • Tools

  • Central Coast Scenery

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