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Bonuses Offer

Artist's Block eBook + Bonuses for a Total of $20 Dollars

($80 in value)



The Checklist

($10 value)

In PDF & Word

The same Checklist in the ebook but easier for you to print out without hunting for only certain page numbers to print.


The Cube Studio Setup

The Self-Contained System

($40 value)

Learn in greater detail how the “placement” of things in studio organization can help you get into the flow of faster efficiency and productiveness.


Your Own List Book

($30 value)

(Idea Generator Sheet)

Printout of 300 list titles

for you to fill in.

What a List Book is good for:


  • Learn who you are

  • Help find your creative style

  • Vent frustrations

  • Learn about those around you

  • Get yourself past events to find solutions

  • Bring insight to your experiences

  • Raise greater awareness of your surroundings

  • Get past mental blocks

  • Exercises help cure Writer's Block

  • Express yourself

  • Create art from expressing your written self


Examples of Lists:


1. Things I want to do:
2. Camping list of things to bring:
3. Projects around the house:
5. Vacation list of things to bring:
25. Simple pleasures I love:
30. Turn-offs:
31. Turn-ons:
45. My accomplishments:
61. Books I've read:
92. Ways I might fear failure:
93. Ways I might fear success:
99. Jokes I've collected:
114. How I am introverted:
117. How every animal has some super power:
122. What I want in a friend:
124. One negative thing I revise each day to be positive:
131. Types of handshakes I've gotten:
133. What I've learned from each art piece I've made:
148. Why I am so quiet:
167. Things that motivate me:
181. Favorite inspirational quotes:
185. Fears:
186. Ways I've pushed past some of my fears regardless:
187. What I'm not afraid of:
188. What I've learned from ( person's name ):
209. What my dream house is like:
210. What I would do with a million dollars:
222. Challenges:
223. Ways I have persevered through challenges:
224. Things that make me feel really fulfilled:
231. My favorite soups:
243. The art piece I can't sell and why:
259. What my greatest gift is:
298. Things that make me smile:

Yes! Add the 3 Bonuses to my Order

(Artist's Block eBook + 3 Bonus eBooks for total of $20)

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