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Grapevine Arch

Original Painting
All Acrylics on Roman Arch Rounded Edge Stretched Canvas
16x24 inches
- SOLD. Not available. In Corporate Collection.



Three-dimension takes on a new form with grapes, vine & leaves on this classy marble like background on custom made Roman Arch canvas we now have available for you.

Grapevine on custom made arched canvas. We can now get custom shaped canvases for you in the shape of Roman Arch, Gothic Arch, Rectangular, Oval, Circular, Headboard shape, and more, all in this rounded edge shape.


Time to Make:

Three weeks testing & inventing of new techniques, listed below. Added 2 invented techniques to Honors/Accomplishments page as a result:


  • Solid round ball shaped from paint

  • Curly vine made of squeezed paint retains it's shape

D'Vine Dental


April 30, 2013

D'Vine Dental acquired a Ruth Collis sculptural painting today to go along with their vine theme, and are also located in the town of Rancho Cucamonga that carries this vineyard theme throughout the city. More about D'Vine Dental below the photos.

On side view, outer border shows a champagne colored texture that was a peel effect made from the palette knife.

Grapes are made with an unbelievable paint that can be molded into shape, but with a special technique & more paint layers to get them round. They have an amazing texture feel, like a sponge if squeezed.

Curly-cue vines retain their shape with special straw wrapping secret.


Another secret discovered on these leaves where you can get texture, but in a watercolor look! The technology in arts is astounding now.


"Every bit of this painting is solid acrylic paint. NO mixed media. I have worked hard to get an all acrylic effect and make paint do things unheard of to make this sculptural dimension." ~Ruth Collis

Squeezing paint on to a special straw shape to let dry.

Pulling dried vine off special straw.

3D paint retains it's curly shape.

More devices to hold the straw vertical for drying.

Placed by D'Vine Dental in gathering area where people pass from restroom.

About D'Vine Dental


  • Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Beverly Hills Physicians center, near Vineyard & Foothill Blvd.

  • Very friendly staff & treat you like part of their family.

  • Fragrant flowers surrounding property for nice environmental experience, including inside calming fountain.

  • Transit at Vineyard & Foothill nearby.

Calming inside fountain...

Distant flowers in the Spring are pleasant & calming to watch sway in the wind & occasional hummingbird make being at the dentist office more pleasurable.

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(909) 758-9200

(909) 758-9228

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