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November 24, 2016 - by Ruth Collis

8 Easy Ways to Have Confidence in your Artwork

I Love Me. How to have confidence in your artwork

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Simple Sculptural Rose

You can build your confidence in creating art with a few easy steps:

1. Train your mind to believe. For one, stop telling yourself you're horrible at it (obviously, that goes without saying).


2. Try Peel PaintingIt's easy to squish paint together and peel apart to see fun texture lines. You don't have to be clean and neat, the results are instant, and it takes no talent. Do something that gives immediate results, not a hard piece (like a face) that drags out forever in the process.

Peel Painting... Peel to reveal neat texture lines

3. Do little daily creative exercises. 

Push yourself to grow doing one little creative exercise a day. Every day. Make regular time for yourself no matter what. Little successes bring confidence. Then you do more and bigger as you practice.

4. Use quality materials. 

Ever paint layer after layer with a cheap white that one or two layers with a quality opaque white can do in less time? Talk about saving yourself aggravation. Try Nova Color's 118 Titanium White. Pros are pros because they use the right quality tools that get the job done better and faster.


5. Join art groups to share, which others affirming your successes will magnify, and that helps build confidence too, and opens your mind to more around you. Do a search for "art forums," or type "group" after your art keyword in the Facebook search bar


6. Avoid negative people or those that don't support your art. Avoid telling even yourself negative, non-supportive things.

7. Write a list of all you're good at, your talents, or your accomplishments. Have a folder you keep adding your successes to. One thing I love to do is update my Inventions page, and after every piece I get done, is to update my Paintings by Year page to see what I've done at a glance.


Now if that depresses you to see what someone else has done that you haven't, take a breather... ('cause I know what that feels like with others more successful than me, while I struggle and have been at it longer), then come back to what inspires you that they know which can help propel you forward, & learn how to turn it into your style that is just uniquely you.

8. Take a course. You can get your feet wet on YouTube or if you really aren't furthering your skill yet, it's time to stop wasting years of your life and get there faster, by finding an instructor that has taken the time to invest in your area of study. Next is you taking time to invest in yourself.

How have "you" built confidence in your art?

Answer in the comments below.

Ruth Collis, Sculptural Painting Instructor

Ruth Collis

Sculptural Painting Instructor

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