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August 31, 2016 - by Ruth Collis

Paint Conversions & Measurements

Need to find how big a paint bottle is in your part of the world compared to another to know how big or small the jar is according to another country's terms of measurement? How big or small is that paint jar?


Here's a handy chart to bookmark in your browser for your next paint order that will convert a measurement of paint from one country to another.


Here are some Conversion Tools that may help.


Rough Quick Chart:


                    75 (ml) Milliliter = 2.5 (oz) Ounces
                  120 (ml) Milliliter = 4 (oz) Ounces
                  150 (ml) Milliliter = 5 (oz) Ounces

                  237 (ml) Milliliter = 8 (oz) Ounces
                  250 (ml) Milliliter = 8.5 (oz ) Ounces
                  500 (ml) Milliliter = 16 (oz) Ounces = 1(pt) Pint
  946 (ml) Milliliter/1 (L) Liter = 32 (oz) Ounces = 2 (pt) Pints= 1 (qt) Quart

                          4 (L) Liters = 128 (oz) Ounces = 4 (qt) Quarts = 1 (gal) Gallon

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How to find Measurements on the Web on your own:


Type in a Google Search what unit of measurement you're looking for & add the word "conversion" to the end, without quotes. Some examples:

ounces to quart conversion

inches to feet conversion

celcius to farenheit conversion
English to Dutch translation

Ruler Measurement Cheat Sheet Tool:


Here's a quick ruler guide for finding how thick canvases are at a glance without a lot of time wasted or confusion:

How do "you" convert different paint measurements quickly?

Answer in the comments below.

Ruth Collis, Sculptural Painting Instructor

Ruth Collis

Sculptural Painting Instructor

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