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Peachy Roses Taking Form

Original Painting
Acrylics on Canvas Board with Classy Frame
9x12 inches


This painting is not available. In corporate collection.

Abstract peachy swirls of rose shapes take form loaded with rich impasto texture. 3D leaves & stems of dimension rise off an impressionistic background that has a look very much like oils.

This painting is in corporate collection since 2011 at the eye doctor offices of:


Dr. Robert Innocenzi, DO (ophthalmology) &

Dr. Carmen Gutierrez (OD)


(909) 590-2073

13197 Central Avenue Suite 101

Chino, CA 91710


Dr. Robert Innocenzi has over 21 years experience.

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Comments from Ruth Collis:

"After some trying times with my eye health, eye ulcers, & glasses causing headaches as well as making my visual world of photographing, painting, computer work on my websties, driving, and basically living life, near to impossible... I was feeling how it is truly tragic for anyone, but especially an artist to not be able to see well.I went through many doctors to finally have Lenscrafters refer me to this office that also does laser eye surgery, where after a big break from putting anything in my eyes, I was fitted into month long contact lenses, instead of daily throw-aways, that worked for me. A past doctor at different place gave me great stress in not explaining well that a contact lens exam is separate from a glasses exam & insurances pay for only one. Well, Dr. Carmen Gutierrez here that helped me, not only gave me an eye exam for both contacts as well as glasses, but the lenses felt so lubricating, light, and calm.



Plus she is so pretty and also lets me ramble yearly about the latest painting that I either bring in to show her or show photo on my phone!

I have been so extremely grateful to see to paint again, plus Velma in lens ordering, gave me 2 MONTHS of free contacts to help me where my insurance didn't pay fully. This has been the kindest thing ever, and can't believe they greet me by remembering my name and hug. It is not often people will go out of their way to make a difference in our lives, which is what truly is inspiring... to be inspired and offer it as well. I had to send them a painting for this. It is hanging inside their main lobby on the glasses case."   ~ Ruth Collis

Update May 2016:


Velma has now left and took her Peachy Roses painting with her and wonderful Dr. Gutierrez has bought this Russian Tulip painting from me and displayed it in the same place in their eyecare center! Ruth Collis

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