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Pipe Coral Abstract

3D Pipe Coral Abstract

Entirely Thick Acrylics on 1-1/2 inch Gallery Wrapped Canvas
18x24 inches - original painting

*Only 1 available

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"Its amazing! If i was actually in front of it, i'd have to put my hands in my pockets so i wouldn't touch it from curiousity of trying to figure out how you did that."

~ Bobbie SunyNite Brown

See if this painting is available here online from Xanadu Gallery.

These pipe coral tubes are made of literal thick dried sheets of entirely thick acrylic paint, rolled into shape and painted with gritty textures and pearls. The pipe coral paint sculptures are mounted to a canvas to hold the sculptures upright and are attached to each other in some places to provide a structure for this somewhat flexible medium to be supported. The background is silver and white texture on a heavy duty gallery wrapped canvas.


This highly dimensional abstract city of pipe coral blues, purple, and turquoise green pearl highlights has captivated many an eye, from appearing like a bouquet of coral vases to a coralscape of pipe dreams looking like a city of tube sponges underwater. Some even say it is pipe organ madness exploding into different views as you change angles in looking at it. Is it realistic or abstract? Is it both? Let your guests decide, if you choose to be the purchaser of this original pipe coral sculptural painting made by Ruth Collis.

Additional angles photographed:

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