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April 9, 2016 - by Ruth Collis

Russian Tulip Nozzles Make 3D Paintings

Russian nozzles

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Russian tulip nozzles are the latest craze to enter the cake decorating scene. They are special for their brilliant design in creating the WHOLE FLOWER all at once, and not each petal one at a time, thus saving huge time and enabling many brilliant colors to come out at once all beautifully blended. But frosting is not the only way to use them. See how these Russian tip tools can make a permanent fine art form of awe.

Squeezing paint out of Russian cake tips

When these Russian tips first came out  in 2015, all the cake decorators beat down the doors of the Russian manufacturer like mad, trying to order. I was one of them, only there have been many problems in trying to order from Russia if you were in the USA and long waits to get often inferior Chinese copies.

3D flowers made of paint from Russian nozzle

There is still some amount of trouble in ordering these hot pieces. Some have tried cheap Chinese copies on Alibaba, ebay, or Amazon, but finally being able to get them in my hot little hands now, I have been able to do some testing with paint.

Multiple colors of paint used in Russian cake tip
Red Russian tulip make of thick paint

The thick stuff I normally use didn't cut it either. They kept wanting to fall over and have the flower close together at the top. BUT I tried a sneaky trick and used a very expensive paint with shape-able qualities and a different technique than in the YouTube cake videos and got some brilliant results! Great height and the 

stamen all made at once and with beautiful colors...........


It does take some practice and skill to make the best ones turn out, and give enough space to avoid some petals falling over on to each other. This truly is paint, not frosting.

Russian Tulips make the whole flower at once including the stamen
Leave space for Russian cake tip practice, or petals fall over into each other

The flowers then go through several drying processes where they are removed from the drying surface and placed into wet flower stems that then dry and are placed in a painting with an artistic looking background and long dreamy tulip leaves added. This drying off the canvas surface than painting wet-into-wet style, enables great shaping and sculpting possibilities and offers easier placement into the painting.

Paint canvas background for dried tulip heads of paint squeezed from Russian cake tips to be placed in wet stems then the whole pieces into the painting.

These flowers are special for being stiff enough to be able to cross over one another and where the leaves can be stylized and twirled to look natural as well as be hugely dimensional now in the painting.

Dried Russian Tulips made of paint are stiff enough for placing over each other into a painting.
Closeup of dreamy Russian Tulips made of thick paint.
Pink Russian Tulips with artistic painted background.
Russian Tulip all acrylic painting by Ruth Collis

These Russian nozzles allow some dreamy fine art flowers to be made in a painting by enabling many colors to be squeezed out at once. If you would like to give a flower gift that will never wilt, and in time for this coming Mother's Day 2016, click the link here to see more about these originals, and a special Pay What You Want pricing I'm trying out.


Russian Tulips Painting

Ruth Collis, Sculptural Painting Instructor

Ruth Collis

Sculptural Painting Instructor

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