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Painting Template Downloads

Download artistic painting templates to print out, seal, and paint or color in for a therapeutic and relaxing adult coloring.
In this video, see Benefits:
  • Designs up close
  • How to print
  • What paper to print on
  • How you can transfer the design to another surface
  • What mediums you can use
In this video, see:
  • Demo of painting with watery Gel Stick Gelatos
  • Buy, print out on fabric canvas sheets
  • Seal with fixative
  • Paint over all the bubbly fun
  • Or color in with pens, pencils or pastels to melt the stress away. Designer mermaid templates below.
Why buy Nelson Mermaid designs?

Nelson's Mermaids:

  • Dreamy designs from a fine art artist that has a better quality look to them

  • These can be printed out over & over again

  • Use any medium you like

  • Print on canvas, pastel paper, watercolor paper, computer paper & more

  • Frame your work of art.

Other Cheap Brands:

  • Numerous designs are usually cheesy looking and not as dreamy.

  • Have one design that is used up and no more.

  • Limited to what medium will work on them with how they come.

  • Designs come on only one type of paper for one type of use.

  • Torn out of a book doesn't look as nice.


3 Mermaids Ebook
by Nelson Failing


Example originals available for purchase:

10 Mermaids Ebook
by Nelson Failing

Normally $15


SALE! $10

Does not come with paints, brushes, sealer, or supplies. Download template designs only.
 Acrobat Reader required to open & print files, available free here.
 Internet Connection required for Download.
 Printer required for use.
 Your results will vary.
 For Windows or Mac.
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