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April 17, 2016 - by Ruth Collis

Turpenoid Uses in Thick Painting

Turpenoid is an odorless replacement for the bad fumes of Turpentine that is used in oil painting clean up.


  • Cleans oil painting brushes

  • Cleans water mixable oil paint off brushes better than water

  • Cleans tape gum off scissors that Goo-Gone doesn't remove

  • Cleans Sharpie marker ink off plastic paint bottles used as a label

  • Cleans spray paint off hands that is a nightmare to clean off with anything else


Technology has way improved for oil paints and this Turpenoid has other good uses as well as how to clean oil paint brushes without paint thinner, how to thin oil paint without turpentine that smells, and what to use to thin oil paint by itself.

Turpenoid, odorless, oil paint cleaner/thinner

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How to Paint a 3D

Simple Sculptural Rose

Oil painting can be a good alternative to go to when switching mediums for a short time, if you normally paint with acrylics. This is one way to prevent Artist's Block when you can keep fresh inspiration going all the time.

Oil paint over thick acrylic base, Ruth Collis
Rich oils on top of thick acrylic 3-dimension
"Best of Both Worlds," oil over acrylic, Ruth Collis

For the thick acrylic painter, see how you can use a thick acrylic base here in these photos, and after completely drying, have a wonderful 3-dimensional surface to paint on with oil paints. This makes thick painting incredibly fun.


These perfectly smooth shapes were made with a super heavy gel medium using cake decorating tips, dried thoroughly and adhered to a canvas, dried thoroughly again, then wonderful rich oil paint used on top of this wonderful dimensional surface like a plaster plaque.


This oil painting was made in 2012 and still looks great, just lacking a little shine. I should probably  put a varnish on now since it's been awhile for the oils to dry (6 months to a year for oils to dry).

Ruth Collis, Sculptural Painting Instructor

Ruth Collis

Sculptural Painting Instructor

See how to save great money on the cost of gel mediums, get 3 times as much than what is sold in the stores, and also learn how to make this 3D Simple Sculptural Rose, all for free in signing up here at the link or click on the picture below.

Simple Sculptural Rose Course by Ruth Collis
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