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July 15, 2016 - by Ruth Collis

What to do with Your Palette of unused Paint?

Many artists are using paper plates, styrofoam, and pizza boxes for a palette, then throwing the plate plus the dried paint away.

There is an option to use a non-stick palette for acrylic painting, and especially if you are a painter using thicker acrylics, your palettes of paint can build up quite fast. What can you do with these skins of paint?

Dried acrylic paintsking of unused paint

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How to Paint a 3D

Simple Sculptural Rose

This video shows how you can take whole palettes of dried paint and turn it into a literal painting:

If you use a non-stick palette, you can peel unused paint layers off, called a paintskin, and not only save the environment, but you can roll them into these classy pipe corals to add 3-dimension to your painting.

This acrylic paint can peel right off a non-stick palette like the Peel Palette to make some cool stuff like cutting up a paintskin to make mosaics, using a hole punch to add texture, wrapped around a panel, or roll into these cool organ pipe corals. You can also build up layers of paint on the palette real fast (like overnight), if you don't want to

Turn Unused Palette Paint into Abstract Sculptures

wait in order to get these neat pipe sculptures to put in the coolest sculptural painting:

Ruth Collis

Sculptural Painting Instructor

Dried acrylic palette paint turned into abstract coral sculptures
Turn acrylic palette paintskins into pipe coral sculptures

Some Benefits:

  • Save paint from being wasted

  • Save money from not wasting paint

  • Save your plumbing pipes from being clogged

  • Raise awareness of preserving coral reefs

  • Feel brilliant for turning nothing into something easily

What do you do with your unused paint?

Ruth Collis, Sculptural Painting Instructor

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