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What Art is Good For

So often artists can live in a world where no one else is interested in art & why should someone care about it if they have their kids to think of? Below are answers gathered from many other artists...

  • An outlet

  • Keep mind busy & body going

  • Prevent suicide

  • Therapeutic

  • Gets emotions out

  • Escape into own little world

  • Gives a hobby

  • Gives meaning & purpose

  • Creating makes you feel more free from the boudaries around you

  • Escape pressures

  • Use art to transform the chaos of your life

  • Art can cleanse mind, body, & soul

  • Take emotions & turn them positive through art

  • Keeps you from feeling held captive by negative thoughts when transforming them into something meaningful

  • Change your mental outlook

  • A way to be able to bear the pain and go on

  • Say things better with color than what you have no words for

  • Brings recovery


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