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Paintings by Year

New start in new town, getting to know the way of life and forming a plan. Ruth attended many tour led hikes to find incredible nature surroundings that brought a lot of rejuvenation and inspiration.


Huge move to pleasant weather, inspiring nature, major art town, and start dreams of art exhibits & gardens. Major challenges finding and settling into a place, then setting up an art space. Got 4 pieces in 3 shows here in the Pismo Beach area.



(34 paintings and 1 sculpture) 


Invention of the first ever free-standing coral sculpture that stays up without falling over, made entirely of thick acrylic paint. Big success with the Russian Tulips blended dimensional flowers for Mother's Day.



(33 paintings and 5 video courses)


The new year started with an incredible series of inventions beginning with crinkled paint that worked perfect for a poppy flower, first paid online video course showing how to make pipe corals from unused acrylic palette paint, followed by a new Peel technique, Simple Poppies, and an all new Impasto Pieces product in beta, where you arrange dried fine art impasto pieces into a painting, like a puzzle, but at a fraction of the cost of a whole painting shipped to you. Studio organizing to find a drying and storage system for bulk amount of paintings, anticipating the great multiplying of this Peel Painting style.


(7 paintings, 2 video courses, one with over 2000 students, 2 authored books, and gallery representation)


Started out the new year with a painting sold & finally making it through 2 years of struggle to become a published instructor of the Simple Sculptural Rose online video course, telling people how to get into this thick type of painting style. Got accepted into prestigious Xanadu Gallery Studios of Scottsdale, Arizona. Became a published author in 2 Kindle books sold on the Amazon market: Make Impasto Rosettes with Paint, and Best Fun ACTION Things to Do in Pismo Beach. Ended the year with a highly sculpted pipe coral abstract to upgrade quality.


(23 paintings)


Unheard of sculptural techniques for painting. Possible end of painting template site to focus on the continuing thick paint style & marketing of art. New mega fast computer, several data backup plans, invention of cell phones with quality camera enabled many qulity recorded painting footage for planned start of teaching in online lessons & courses. Continued search for website solution that will work for visibility, scalability, & traffic capability.


Start of putting Jellyfish Squish online lesson together. Start of more commissions for businesses & yet more stand-ups & no-shows, reinforcing online business only. Challenging summer heat brought more focus to making an online income work. Studied Facebook, Kindle publishing, & the Udemy online course system for instructors.


Ruth bought many programs to get training on how to make an income that would also appeal to her. Co-workers now surpassing her in income, Ruth realized through much training to be who she was not, that you live life only once and your purpose is to find and use your special gift & bring that to the world. Here is where Ruth decided to do what she loves fully and find a way to make that pay off financially for her as well.


(23 Paintings)


Rich development of 3D style, but bad website softwares one after another, preventing being seen in the search engines. Worst craft show experience, waste of time & great money. No room to store paintings. No galleries working out. First corporate collection of 16 paintings by end of year in approaching businesses.


(33 Paintings)


On disability for an entire year struggling with health to survive, now with chance to do all dreamed of... hard study, research, testing of techniques, & resulting explosion of thick paint style, sculpture elements, transparent effects & phenominal painting development growth. Found artistic love & style now, but more undesired moving.


(11 Paintings)


Experiments with surfaces getting swirly effects, rich textures, more huge paintings, more painting templates for other beginners, start of Jellyfish Squish techniques & exploration; but continual data loss, computers breaking, brand new video equipment failure & lots of video demos & a year of hard work on many designs for tempate site lost. No money now for deeply needed vacation away to fix technical issues now, worsening to start of major health decline.


(22 Paintings)


Love life turning around, experiments with oil bars & other mediums, but consistent progress with the thick acrylic paint style. Use of brighter happier colors, start of abstract style & no more time consuming no-fun figures. Grew to huge canvas sizes & the first of sculpture painting by taking the drying off the surface to a separate layer for shaping.


(0 Paintings)


Challenging year for Ruth with loss of 2 people, moving from home to home, straightening out relationships, finding stability, healing, & a place for a painting setup. Start of painting template download site for other beginner artists.


(27 Paintings)


Development of Figure style, unique mediums, first oil paintings, few commissions as hobby, & further development of the thick impasto paint style. Right about this time was when Ruth got rid of her horse & life long interest in them that was now not fulfilling. She now wanted to have more time for her art. It took quite awhile to make the changes neccessary to have the new dreams, but then more free time came as quite a blessing desired.



Figure work grew into installations. This became very upsetting to Ruth to create such thing, hoping to finally set roots and paint her art into a permanent structure, just to be uprooted again & not know how many more countless times she would have to move. She got her hair braided for first time, an aspiration to have dreamy long hair that would be found designed into her paintings.

1996- 1998


This was when Ruth discovered a projector tool in the art store that would make her figure drawings HUGE, and enable them to be painted large on a canvas. Very enlightening time of vision.


Following Texas artist, Jack White's advice to develop a certain style collectors can come to know Ruth as doing, she began this figure  style that blended with a form of nature, similar to the Erte fashion designer she learned of in college.


This was also where the 3D forms began for Ruth, inventing such things as "Bubble Gum Art," Balloon Art," and her "Mechanical Rose" made of a shop towel and car brake line parts. This was also when finding thicker pastes made of paint in a bulk paint manufacturer's store that sold to the public.



Ruth struggled to find a style all her own, work 2 jobs and put herself through college to where she burnt the candle at both ends with no outlet, constantly in school & dealing with red tape and the school system trying to create revenue from her for classes she already took.


After 6 years of college and attaining an AS plus some extra classes, fiinally having enough, Ruth decided it was time to start living life a little. She wrote list after list of things she was interested in, things she wanted to collect, places wanted to go, what she thought about everything, and eventually all this led to writing a 4 inch fat "List Book" where she started learning who she was.


This led to graphic design commissions for business cards, murals, and own self studies of fashion photography,  comparing magazine model tear sheets with her own photo work of her friends she would dress up, style their hair & makeup, and become a location photoshoot planner and design settings.


As backwards as society pressured her, this was exactly where she found life and feeling, passion, and love for finally being allowed to be herself, utilize her creative skills and eventually discover & create a world of incredible impasto paintings just waiting for her to bring them to life.



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