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Tips for Creative Minds to Get to Sleep

by Ruth Collis



Use the Counting & Breathing Technique


To calm a restless mind & any anxiety in the body further, you can use a Counting & Breathing Technique if the gel packs don't work, or especially including them.


Counting & Breathing Technique

Breathe in - count 1.

Breathe out - count 2.

Breathe in - count 3.

Continue like this until the body drifts off.


If you drift, but still waken, & forget what number you left off on, pick an odd number to start breathing in again.


It doesn't matter if you skip or stay in order of counting.


You can start at 53 if you wanted.


What matters is distracting & boring your mind enough & so many times, it realizes there's nothing to do or think about but drift off to sleep.


Sometimes it's not enough to just count numbers to distract your mind...


It helps if you literally focus on writing the numbers out with chalk on a chalkboard, or some writing utensil, but where just the numbers & writing of them are of focus.


As you start to breathe in deeply & count, you will start to yawn, and you will feel your body temperature cooling.


Coolness helps you sleep.


Movement, like tossing or turning, heats the body back up.



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