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Tips for Creative Minds to Get to Sleep

by Ruth Collis


If you're an artist, creative mind, or just find restless nights or mind racing present, here are many tips to help calm & relax yourself to where sleep will come. The more you combine, the better. I have had so much creativity influx with no stop ever, I have had to "train" myself to sleep, that I learned is possible.


Use Gel packs on your Forehead

It helps cool brain activity or physical restlessness. You can use this to get to sleep the first time or when waking up in the night & having a hard time getting back to sleep. Have 2 or 3 to rotate, then put them back in the freezer in the morning when you get up.


Generally, you should take 2-3 hours to unwind from any mental activity. This is a good time to spend with your loved ones in relaxing mode. If you must press through a project to later hours, a gel pack helps immensely to cool down much faster, enabling more work to be done & falling asleep still possible.



To prevent from having to wipe off sticky freezer frost from the gel packs every time, put them in a big ziplock bag or box for easy access.


That will most likely still leave small frost on the gel packs, so rolling them up & putting them in an additional grocery bag works to keep frost off them permanently, AND still be easy access.

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