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Tips for Creative Minds to Get to Sleep

by Ruth Collis


Get Your Body Cooler to Sleep

Here is a color graph I made from pastels for a sleep therapist who was explaining to me that as you're active, you are much hotter, during the day (where I show the warm colors of the spectrum), & as you cool down at night (cool colors), the body sleeps.


*See the "Energy" painting Ruth did for a customer, illustrating the warmer colors of activity.

To get cooler...


Take cool shower or bath

Turn Fans on

Lay on cool waterbed with heater off

Use a Gel Pack

Do exercise in morning, not at night

Use the Counting & Breathing Technique

Turn on A/C for those certain hot summer nights

Turn fan upside down in hole of styrofoam cooler of ice with another hole of directional tubing, blowing cool air at you

Some people have worn wet clothes to bed

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