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Tips for Creative Minds to Get to Sleep

by Ruth Collis


Make a Vast Difference Between Being Active & Inactive


The wave lengths are high & low also to show how the body needs that variation between active & inactive states to get tired when you need to, & have energy at the times you need to (active & inactive chart)....


Avoid being stationary, like on the computer all day & pushing into the night that I did, did not tell the body when to sleep & recover from activity or exhaustion, because I never had that up & down state... I maintained a more even, stationary level of activity, that led to sleeping during the day & being awake at night of body doing both. So the body gets confused when to sleep & when to be awake (the flatter wavelength image) of blurred lines. You want to avoid the flatter wavelength activity wise so your body gets the sleep/wake cycle.

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